Fall Into October

October 1-31
• Swipe your Club Sycuan card at any kiosk and win!
*Free cards won require a minimum purchase of $5


Bobbing for Bingo Kiosk Promotion October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
All Sessions
1. This promotion is open to guests that have a Sycuan Players Card.
2. Each guest may swipe their card at any Kiosk throughout the casino to receive a bingo prize.
3. Once the kiosk game is activated, the participant will be prompted to touch an item on the screen
and their prize will appear.
4. Prizes may contain the following:
a. 82 free Level I Regular Game Cards (valued at $26-$39) (Must have a $5 minimum purchase) Gold/platinum
b. One free paper package buy-in or minimum electronic buy-in (valued at $5-$10) gold/platinum
i. Includes 12-on paper and 1 pick 8 or 12 electronic Level I game cards and one (1) pick 8
ii. Redeem voucher with POS clerk
c. Buy a minimum electronic buy-in and receive one minimum electronic package free
(valued at $5-$10) Gold/platinum
i. Redeem voucher with POS clerk
d. 228 free Level I Regular Game Cards (valued at $76-$114) (Must have a $5 minimum purchase) elite/Diamond/Black
e. 306 free Level I Regular Game Cards (valued at $94-$141) (Must have a $5 minimum purchase) elite/Diamond/Black
f. 582 free Level I Regular Game Cards (valued at $194-$291) (Must have a $5 minimum purchase) elite/Diamond/Black
i. All free cards will be redeemed with the POS clerks
5. The kiosk game is for entertainment purposes only. The actual prize awarded is generated
randomly at the time of the initial swipe made by the participant not by the choice made by the
participant during the game.
6. Players will swipe on Tuesday and winning vouchers will expire each Monday at 7:30 pm.
7. Guests may only swipe once every Tuesday between the hours of 7am to 11:59pm.
8. All vouchers will have an expiration date and will state: This voucher has no cash value, guest
must have a minimum purchase to redeem voucher for free cards.
9. Minimum purchase is $5 to redeem voucher for free cards. Free bingo vouchers do not require a
minimum purchase or buy-in. Free Bingo includes: one free paper package buy-in or 12
electronic Level I game cards.
10. All guests must provide a Club Sycuan card and valid government ID to redeem voucher.
11. Senior discounts may be used accordingly in conjunction with their kiosk voucher
a. Matinee seniors will receive a $3 discount with their minimum initial buy-in or a $5 discount with a purchase of $20 or more (excluding Wednesday). Matinee $5 Buck Wednesdays seniors will receive a $5 discount with a purchase of $25 or more.
b. All discounts are awarded once per session and can be used in conjunction with comps or certificates.
12. Vouchers are non-transferable. A valid date will be printed on each ticket.
13. Sycuan management has the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without advance
Infinity Car Game Saturday, November 16, 2019 Evening Session
1. With each electronic Bingo buy-in guests will receive one personalized, printed voucher. A maximum of 2 free vouchers with one PHD and one Maxpak buy-in can be earned per session. Bingo buy-ins can be purchased at any Bingo point of sale.
2. Guests will begin earning extra vouchers starting the week of October 1, 2019.
3. Vouchers are non-transferable. They are valid only for November 16, 2019. A valid date range will
be printed on each ticket.
4. Guest who purchase a presale buy-in will earn one Infinity Car game.

5. The Infinity Car game will take place on Saturday, November 16, 2019 during the Evening Session after the Super Jackpot game.
6. On November 16, 2019 each voucher can be redeemed for one PHD or Maxpak Infinity electronic Bingo card. Electronic buy-in is required to redeem vouchers. Vouchers may not be redeemed for paper cards.
7. Players must redeem vouchers for the Infinity bingo cards during their initial buy-in for the Evening or presale buy-in. Vouchers may be redeemed with any Bingo clerk at any POS station.
8. Players will not receive an Infinity game card voucher with their buy-in on November 16, 2019.
9. Vouchers not redeemed on designated game day will not be replaced.
10. A Bingo buy-in receipt is required to participate in the Infinity Car game. Seats are limited to
availability on the day of the event.
11. Vouchers and Infinity game cards which show signs of tampering, erasure or other unauthorized
modification will be disqualified.
12. Players may also purchase extra Infinity Bingo cards on PhD, Maxpak, or paper for $3 per 3-on-1.
A maximum of 1,000 cards can be played per electronic unit.
13. During the Infinity car game on November 16, 2019 the winner will be determined by the first player
to win Bingo blackout. Players must have the last number called for valid Bingo. Bingo numbers
will be confirmed before prize is awarded.
14. In the event there is more than one winner the cash alternative will be split evenly amongst all
verified winners.
15. The vehicle winners will be responsible for vehicle tax, license and registration fees, as well as any
other applicable taxes, tax forms, fees, gratuities and other government imposed fees. There is a
$28,000 cash alternative prize.
16. If the winner chooses to take the car, Sycuan will pay the base price up to $40,000 for a 2019
Infinity Q60 Coupe or vehicle of their choice offered by and ordered through a local dealership of Sycuan’s choosing. No other dealers will be accepted. Any cost beyond $40,000 will be incurred by the winner. Any part of the $40,000 not used to purchase the vehicle will be forfeited by the winner and the remaining monies will be considered void.
17. The winner of the Infinity car game will have one week (7 days) to contact Sycuan Marketing to decide if they would like the car or cash alternative.
18. If the November 16, 2019 bingo session is cancelled by any unforeseen circumstances Anniversary Night will be played the following Saturday on November 23, 2019. Guests may bring in their vouchers or their receipts for the evenings session.



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Bingo 36th Anniversary

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