1. Member’s use of the Club Sycuan card indicates acceptance of the conditions of Club Sycuan.
2. Must be 21 or older to become a Club Sycuan Member.
3. Current government-issued photo identification is required when applying for membership and may be required for Club Sycuan-related transactions.
4. Guests applying for the Valor card must present current Military ID including a Common Access card, any DD Form 2 card, any DD Form 214 or any DD form 1173/1173-1, First Responder ID or paperwork including a Firefighter red card/wildfire certification, Police Officers ID card, current Healthcare worker ID card or Paramedics/EMT certification ID.
5. Membership benefits, points and promotional items are non-transferable and may not be brokered, bartered, or sold.
6. Sycuan Casino Resort is not responsible for untracked play due to player negligence or improper insertion of the Club Sycuan card.
7. It is the member’s responsibility to properly insert their Club Sycuan card into the slot machine card reader or present their Club Sycuan card at Bingo admission / Table Games team member before playing.
8. Club Sycuan Gold tier members must earn 100 points each visit to utilize discounts. Visits are tracked by calendar day.
9. Management reserves the right to adjust any point and/or FREEplay balance resulting from malfunctions, operational errors and/or fraud.
10. Club Sycuan Gold, Platinum, and Valor members must have a minimum of 2,500 points ($5 cash back) to redeem for cash.
11. Membership in Club Sycuan may be revoked or cancelled at the discretion of Sycuan Casino Resort without notice – members must surrender Club Sycuan card upon request.
12. Club Sycuan accounts with 15 months of no activity will be considered inactive and all unredeemed points will be cancelled.
13. Club Sycuan enrollment authorizes Sycuan Casino Resort to initiate contact with a member using information provided.
14. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to Club Sycuan personnel immediately.
15. The Club Sycuan card is only for the personal use of the individual to whom it was issued. The card may not be used by any other party and is to be used in accordance with Club Sycuan guidelines. Any other use may result in immediate revocation and loss of any outstanding privileges and benefits.
16. With proper identification, multiple cards may be issued for members who want to play multiple casino slot machines at a time. Members may play up to two slot machines at a given time. Note: During peak gaming times, players may be limited to one slot machine based on demand. However, members distributing their cards to other players may have their membership revoked and all remaining cash and privileges surrendered.
o 16. a. Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are only for the personal use of the individual to whom created the PIN. PINs may not be used by any other party and are to be used in accordance with Club Sycuan guidelines. Sycuan Casino Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen benefits due to failure to comply with guidelines.
o 16. b. PIN parameters exclude the following combinations:
PINs cannot be ascending (1234, 2345, etc.)
PINs cannot be descending (6543, 4321, etc.)
PINs cannot be all the same digits (1111, 2222, etc.)
PINs cannot be a combination of member’s birthdate. For example, if their birthdate is April 01, 1959 their PIN cannot be 0104, 0401, 0159, 0459, 5904, 5901, or 1959..
17. Club Sycuan points are earned playing slots, video poker, keno machines, table games, bingo and poker. Only Tier points are counted towards Platinum, Elite, Diamond and Black level requirements. (Bonus /Promotional points including Point Multipliers, or any other points attained through a promotion, prize or adjustment are not included in the calculation for Club Sycuan status). Points are not accumulated using FREEplay.
18. Rules for specific promotions may vary. Promotional rules are available at
19. Employees of Sycuan Casino Resort are not eligible to participate in Club Sycuan membership.
20. Employees and their spouses of Sycuan Casino Resort, Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan, Sycuan Gaming Commission or the Sycuan Tribe, as well as Sycuan Tribal members and their spouses, are not eligible for any Sycuan Casino Resort promotion. All licensed vendor employees who have been issued a permanent badge may not participate in any Sycuan Casino Resort promotion while they are assigned to work at the Casino.
21. Barred or excluded members are not eligible for FREEplay offers, promotions or jackpot winnings.
22. Club Sycuan benefits and offers are subject to change at any time without notice.
23. Management reserves the right to downgrade members’ Club Sycuan status tier at any time and without notice.
24. Sycuan Casino Resort protects the privacy of its members. Club Sycuan account information may be obtained by the member in person with a current government issued photo identification.
25. Management reserves the right to exclude advantage players at any time.
26. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.