Behind-the-Scenes: Sycuan Wrecking Ball Video

July 27, 2017

Sycuan Wrecking Ball Lyrics

Sycuan’s team is on a wrecking ball
So we can build a new resort
So you can stay and play real long
500 more slot machines

Taking turns on a wrecking ball
Can’t wait to see the new Sycuan
A new 300 room hotel
And 7 new places to e-e-e-eat.
Our river will be la-a-a-zy.

No matter what they say,
Still the same awesome place
Coming in 2019.

Behind the Scenes

Rowlbertos Media takes us behind the scenes during the making of the Sycuan wrecking ball video. Check out how the wrecking ball was created and how the Sycuan team felt about swinging on it.

For more information about Sycuan Casino’s expansion and live updates visit www.sycuan.com/live-video-feed/.