Statement from the Sycuan Tribal Council – Black Lives Matter

June 4, 2020

Statement from the Sycuan Tribal Council regarding recent national protests in response to the killing of George Floyd –

The members of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation stand with our family and friends in the African-American community as we grieve the brutal murder of George Floyd, and will continue to use our voice and position of influence to shed light on injustices and abuse and reveal them for what they represent. The tribal members of our community are descendants of the first peoples of San Diego, and for over six generations we have endured systematic failures of multiple governments to recognize the plight of Native Americans in this country. Today, our tribe represents many ethnic backgrounds that combined with our Kumeyaay blood make us one of the most diverse communities in the region. We recognize the pain that our community is feeling today. We know first-hand that we will survive, as we have endured for centuries. We remain committed to all communities of color and those who have not benefitted equally from equal opportunity.  We are proud of our team members and tribal members that have peacefully protested to raise awareness to social injustice. We also commit to double our efforts across the entire organization and all of our partner relationships to ensure we continue to be a force for good when it comes to providing jobs, contracts, opportunities, grants, input on critical public policy and a respected voice on matters of critical concern to our communities of color. We will strive to be a part of change for our community and our country.