Super Yahtzee

Monday – Sunday | Late Night
Midnight – 8AM

• 5 Super Yahtzee’s will be paid each session!*
• Be the first or fifth to fill out your Super Yahtzee card and win DOUBLE the prize!

*After 5 Super Yahtzee’s have been hit, Mega Quads Jackpot Bonus will immediately begin. See a Poker Representative for more information.


Sycuan Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” Jackpot Bonus
January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024
Official Rules

1) You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in this jackpot bonus and have a current government-issued picture identification.

2) Players may participate in Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” jackpot bonus by actively playing in any jackpot eligible Hold’em game during a designated “Super Yahtzee” session.

3) Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” sessions will take place:

a. Monday through Sunday from 12:00AM to 8:00AM with the first and the fifth Super Yahtzee of each session paying double and then stop when a total of five (5) Super Yahtzee has been hit we move immediately in to Mega Quads until 8AM.
i. In the event more than one player completes the first or fifth Super Yahtzee Card on the same hand, (considered a tie) all players will be paid double.

4) A Super Yahtzee card will be issued to any player wishing to participate. The player’s name and the date must be written on the Super Yahtzee card before any stamps will be issued.

5) Super Yahtzee cards are only valid during the session which they are issued. Players may not play more than one Super Yahtzee card at a time.

a. A player wins Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” jackpot bonus when all of the qualifying hands on their Super Yahtzee card have been stamped before the end of the session. The qualifying hands are:
b. 1 pair
c. 2 pair
d. 3 of a Kind
e. Straight which contains a 5
f. Straight which contains a 10
g. Black Flush (clubs or spades)
h. Red Flush (hearts or diamonds)
i. Full House

6) A player will receive a stamp in the Bonus circle if they win a hand with a 4-of-a-Kind or better.
a. If a player fills up their Super Yahtzee card, they will receive one of the following prizes and then be given a new Super Yahtzee card:
b. $100.00 without the bonus stamp
c. $200.00 with the bonus stamp

7) In order to be eligible to win $200.00, the bonus circle may not be the last circle stamped. The last stamp achieved must be one of the original eight (8) qualifying hands.

8) If a Player makes a Super Yahtzee Monday through Sunday from 12:00AM to 8:00AM they will receive the last stamp that completed their Super Yahtzee card on a new card to continue to play.

9) Players receive a stamp for winning all or part of the main pot with any of the qualifying hands illustrated on the Super Yahtzee card. Stamps will be issued by the dealer to verify the hand. Stamps will not be issued for a lesser hand than the player shows down.

10) In the event of a Poker Jackpot and/or any other jackpot bonuses running concurrently with Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” jackpot bonus, the player with the winning hand will receive their jackpot share and/or any jackpot bonuses in addition to Poker’s “Super Yahtzee” jackpot bonus prize.

11) Players may win multiple times per the course of this bonus.

12) Any jackpot bonus money of $200.00 or less, won in hand-related play, will be added to the players stack at the table.

13) In the event of a technical difficulty or mechanical failure, Sycuan Casino Resort may temporarily suspend this promotion until the problem is resolved. No rain checks will be issued during this time.

14) Jackpot bonus payouts will be paid from a Chip Runner’s Imprest Bank, as outlined in Policy and Procedure Chip Runner Imprest Bank ID: 333.

15) All winners are responsible for any applicable taxes, tax forms, fees, gratuities and other government-imposed fees. If the cumulative total of the calendar year’s prizes should total $600.00 or more, a 1099 will be filed with the I.R.S.

16) Barred or excluded individuals are not eligible for FREEplay offers, promotions or jackpot bonus winnings.

17) All winners agree to allow Sycuan Casino Resort to use their image and likeness for any future marketing and promotional purposes without further compensation to winner.

18) Participation in this jackpot bonus constitutes agreement to the above rules of the giveaway.

19) Any participant found to be abusing Club Sycuan and/or jackpot bonus rules and/or tampering with the jackpot bonus in any way may be disqualified and declared ineligible for any prize.

20) Sycuan management has the right to modify or cancel this jackpot bonus at any time without advance notice.



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