September 7 – January 9

  • One lucky participant could win $1 Million Cash!
  • Earn up to 5 picks each week.
  • New Club Sycuan Members get their first pick free!

If a participant selects 214 or more correct picks, they will win $1 Million cash!

The participant with the most correct picks will win $10,000 Slot FREEplay and the runner up will win $5,000 Slot FREEplay.

The top 10 participants with the most correct picks each week will win their share of $5,000 Slot FREEplay!


Pigskin Picks
September 6, 2021 – January 9, 2022
Official Rules
1. This promotion is open to Club Sycuan members only. Guests who are not members of Club Sycuan and would like to participate in this promotion can sign up for free to become a member at any Club Sycuan desk in the Casino with appropriate identification.

2. You must be 21 years of age or older and have a current government-issued picture identification to be a Club Sycuan member and participate in this promotion

3. Participants can earn points towards this promotion by playing Slots, Table Games, Poker, and Bingo. Points are calculated through tracked play on the following dates:
a. 3:00am on Monday, September 6 through 9:00am on Sunday, September 12
b. 3:00am on Monday, September 13 through 9:00am on Sunday, September 19
c. 3:00am on Monday, September 20 through 9:00am on Sunday, September 26
d. 3:00am on Monday, September 27 through 9:00am on Sunday, October 3
e. 3:00am on Monday, October 4 through 9:00am on Sunday, October 10
f. 3:00am on Monday, October 11 through 9:00am on Sunday, October 17
g. 3:00am on Monday, October 18 through 9:00am on Sunday, October 24
h. 3:00am on Monday, October 25 through 9:00am on Sunday, October 31
i. 3:00am on Monday, November 1 through 9:00am on Sunday, November 7
j. 3:00am on Monday, November 8 through 9:00am on Sunday November 14
k. 3:00am on Monday, November 15 through 9:00am on Sunday November 21
l. 3:00am on Monday, November 22 through 9:00am on Sunday November 28
m. 3:00am on Monday, November 29 through 9:00am on Sunday December 5
n. 3:00am on Monday, December 6 through 9:00am on Sunday December 12
o. 3:00am on Monday, December 13 through 9:00am on Sunday December 19
p. 3:00am on Monday, December 22 through 9:00am on Sunday December 26
q. 3:00am on Monday, December 27 through 9:00am on Sunday January 2
r. 3:00am on Monday, January 3 through 9:00am on Sunday January 9

4. Participants must earn seven hundred and fifty (750) points to make their first pick and an additional five hundred (500) points to make their second through fifth picks. New Club Sycuan members get their first pick free. Maximum one (1) free pick though the duration of promotion.

New Members Current Members
Pick 1 0 Points 750 Points
Pick 2 500 Points 1250 Points
Pick 3 1000 Points 1750 Points
Pick 4 1500 Points 2250 Points
Pick 5 2000 Points 2750 Points


5. There is a limit of five (5) entries per participant, per week of the promotion and only one pick per day can be made.

6. The contestants best scored entry for the week (of the five (5) submitted) will carry over to the following week, and that entry will count towards the contestant’s limit of eighteen (18) total entries allowed during the entirety of the promotion.

7. Participants can start making picks Tuesdays at 3:00am PST through Sundays 9:00am PST.

8. Participants can only make one pick per day. Daily picks can be made starting at 3:00am PST.

9. Each week, of the eighteen (18) weeks of the Promotion, a predetermined number of the 2021-2022 NFL regular season games occurring ONLY on Sunday and Monday of each week that start at 1:00pm EST on Sunday or later, will be included in the prediction pool for that week for a total of 246 eligible NFL regular season games.

10. The computer will not accept entries for a Prediction Pool after the Official Deadline for that Prediction Pool will be deemed invalid and ineligible for the receipt of any prize.

11. Once the Pigskin Picks kiosk promotion is activated, participants will see that week’s football game lineup on the screen and touch the screen to make their team selections. There is not a Monday Night Football game on the final Monday of the 2021 season. The Sunday game between the LA Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders will be utilized as the tiebreaker.

12. Participants have a choice of selecting their own teams or selecting “Quick Pick”. The “Quick Pick” option will randomly select a winning team for each game.

13. Once a participant’s selections have been made, they will be prompted to finalize their selections and receive a printed receipt. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to accurately complete their selections and confirm their choices are accurately reflected on the screen before finalizing their selections. Club Sycuan will be unable to correct any selection mistakes and cannot correct any mistakes on printed receipts. Sycuan Casino Resort is not responsible for mechanical or manual errors of any kind.

14. Thursday games, Saturday games, and any Sunday games that start before 10:00am are not included in this promotion. These games will not be available to select on the kiosk or displayed on the weekly lineups located on the Sycuan Casino Resort App and website at Sycuan.com.

15. If any of the 2021-2022 NFL regular season games are cancelled due to a force, majeure, which prevents from the conducting of the game, said game may be replaced with another game in the Third-Party Vendor’s sole discretion, or the rescheduled game with no additional charges. If any of the NFL regular season games end in a tie, either team selected will count as an unsuccessful prediction (0 points).

16. Per NFL memo (7/22/21) If an NFL regular season game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding, per sources.

17. The top 10 participants from each week with the most winning picks will win Slot FREEplay. Prize breakdown can be seen below.
• 1st = $2,500 Slot FREEplay
• 2nd = $1,000 Slot FREEplay
• 3rd = $500 Slot FREEplay
• 4th = $300 Slot FREEplay
• 5th = $200 Slot FREEplay
• 6th – 10th = $100 Slot FREEplay

18. In the event of a tie for any weekly prize, the tied participant who selected that week’s Monday Night Football game correctly will be awarded the prize. If a tie remains, the prize will be awarded to the participant that participated in the weekly promotion first, based on the system generated time recorded. If a tie still remains, the participants will split the prize evenly.

19. If a participant correctly predicts the winner for two hundred and fourteen (214) or more out of the two hundred and forty-six (246) regular season games will win $1,000,000 cash paid by the Third-Party Vendor. The prize will be paid in forty (40) equal annual installments of $25,000 each without interest. The participant with the most winning picks will win $10,000 Slot FREEplay and the runner up will win $5,000 Slot FREEplay.

20. Each participant’s weekly top pick will be used for placement each week.

21. Winners will be announced and prizing will be loaded to their account by 11:59pm on Tuesdays for the duration of the promotion.

22. Slot FREEplay offers won during this promotion will expire fourteen (14) days from when the prize is issued. All Slot FREEplay prizes will be automatically placed on the winner’s account. No printed tickets or receipts will be issued to winners.

23. Slot FREEplay won in this promotion can only be used on slot machines and cannot be exchanged for Table Games PROMO or FREE-Bet chips.

24. Sycuan Casino Resort is not responsible for any lost or stolen vouchers.

25. In the event of technical difficulty or mechanical failure, Sycuan Casino Resort may temporarily suspend this promotion until the problem is resolved. No rain checks for entries will be issued during this time.

26. All winners are responsible for any applicable taxes, tax forms, fees, gratuities and other government-imposed fees. If the cumulative total of the calendar year’s prizes should total $600 or more, a 1099 will be filed with the I.R.S.

27. Barred or excluded individuals are not eligible for FREEplay offers, promotions or jackpot winnings.

28. Employees and their spouses of Sycuan Casino Resort, Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan, Sycuan Gaming Commission or the Sycuan Tribe, as well as Sycuan Tribal members and their spouses, are not eligible for any Sycuan Casino Resort promotion. All licensed vendor employees who have been issued a permanent badge cannot participate in any Sycuan Casino Resort promotion while they are assigned to work at Sycuan Casino Resort. It is the responsibility of the player to apprise the promotion team that they are not eligible for the promotion. Failure to do so may result in rescindment of prize.

29. All winners agree to allow Sycuan Casino Resort to use their image and likeness for any future marketing and promotional purposes without further compensation to winner.

30. Participation in this promotion constitutes agreement to the above rules of the promotion.

31. Any participant found to be abusing Club Sycuan and/or promotion rules and/or tampering with the promotion in any way may be disqualified and declared ineligible for any prize.

32. Sycuan Casino Resort management has the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without advance notice.

*Please note: FREEplay will be added to your account.

Week 11 Winners

Place PlayerID First Name Last Name FREEplay
1 9717 MIKA M. $2,500
2 268253 THONG K. $1,000
3 972435 SHARON M. $500
4 669599 SAADI S. $300
5 1171458 NANCY PL. $200
6 299023 HAROLD N. $100
7 1366863 TYLER T. $100
8 734821 ERLINDA D. $100
9 1381457 CESAR V. $100
10 766358 SHIRLEY B. $100

Week 10 Winners

Place Player ID First Name Last Name FREEplay
1 1052785 RAUL A. $2,500
2 886552 IMAD M. $1,000
3 419009 RICHARD W. $500
4 857365 VICTORIA G. $300
5 371935 CARRIE B. $200
6 798954 TAMMY D. $100
7 1341445 SALEEM H. $100
8 1044046 TAMMY G. $100
9 6269 LESBIA R. $100
10 22388 ICASIANO C. $100

Week 9 Winners

Place Player ID First Name Last Name  FREEplay
1 382076 GAIL M.  $2,500
2 723162 MARCELLA T.  $1,000
3 565066 ANA E.  $500
4 754020 MONICA B.  $300
5 200898 VERNA W.  $200
6 5695 SOMVANG F.  $100
7 880916 JACQUELINE C.  $100
8 251019 EVA H.  $100
9 1195130 CLAUDIA V.  $100
10 386200 RAUL E.  $100

Week 8 Winners

Place Player ID First Name Last Name FREEplay
1 1319248 HUE M  $   2,500.00
2 1380214 PA M  $   1,000.00
3 1188197 MARK O  $       500.00
4 1042533 ULISES D   $       300.00
5 37905 OLIVER Y  $       200.00
6 513644 FERNANDO CASTRO L  $       100.00
7 507789 TERENCE O  $       100.00
8 6513 DANNY B  $       100.00
9 17501 ELIE  S  $       100.00
10 910637 MICHAEL L  $       100.00

Week 7 Winners

Place Player ID First Name Last Name FREEplay
1 462955 RODOLFO S $2,500
2 750328 DOLLAYA N $1,000
3 1336248 STEVEN B $500
4 1225597 DOROTHY F $300
5 512590 DOUGLAS R $200
6 71759 GARY J $100
7 846840 MICHAEL P $100
8 1011633 JAMES M $100
9 1320423 RAMON G $100
10 489827 CRAIG C $100

Week 6 Winners

Place PlayerID First Name Last Name FREEplay
1st 485413 Rodolfo S $2,500
2nd 697611 Corazon P $1,000
3rd 676667 Mark H $500
4th 7553 Judith V $300
5th 38543 Roberta H $200
6th 1378058 Tamara Y $100
7th 632308 Thomas J. $100
8th 36361 Sun N $100
9th 189549 Rizal A $100
10th 859997 Jessica C $100

Week 5 Winners

Place Player# First Name  Last Name  FREEplay
1st 5532 WOODROW  W $2,500
2nd 676667 MARK H $1,000
3rd 175792 CHRISTOPHER M $500
4th 393691 AMALU  L $300
5th 222082 HOANG N $200
6th 18638 ELPIDIO M $100
7th 473423 JORGE V $100
8th 16206 RUFINO O $100
9th 1151771 LOYD F $100
10th 527744 LUZ B $100

Week 4 Winners

Place Player# First Name Last Name FREEplay
1st 661562 Ava B  $2,500
2nd 632308 Thomas J  $1,000
3rd 46861 Calvin M  $500
4th 1233357 Michele C  $300
5th 150484 David O  $200
6th 47849 Alexander O  $100
7th 6513 Danny B  $100
8th 110141 Pamela J  $100
9th 844789 Carrie M  $100
10th 507762 Cesar L  $100

Week 3 Winners

Place Player# First Name Last Name FREEplay
1st 1171458 Nancy P $2,500
2nd 15734 Martin T $1,000
3rd 4031 Arthur J $500
4th 636451 Christopher M $300
5th 46861 Calvin M $200
6th 1375287 Pejman N $100
7th 99070 Carl M $100
8th 607582 Abigail H $100
9th 643946 Peter S $100
10th 650076 Alan R $100

Week 2 Winners

Place Player# First Name Last Name FREEplay
1st 991573 Jacquin W $2,500
2nd 356609 Leon M $1,000
3rd 1343783 Richard P $500
4th 731513 Gary M $300
5th 893686 James B $200
6th 1334958 Sarah M $100
7th 1190370 Shawn M $100
8th 43394 Sam T $100
9th 17275 Conchita A $100
10th 550820 Arlene L $100

Week 1 Winners

Place Player# First Name Last Name FREEplay
1st 257840 Marcell H. $2,500
2nd 837281 Rex C. $1,000
3rd 1093352 Taia M. $500
4th 467043 Cassandra C. $300
5th 1365957 Jasmine G. $200
6th 31865 Gardie S. $100
7th 1373526 Sarena S. $100
8th 236909 Stacie W. $100
9th 239945 Kent A. $100
10th 1351171 Charlie H. $100


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