Football Fever

September 8 – January 8

• $50 Cash Splashes for EVERY point scored during select games, each game week!
• A team scores a safety, every table receives a $50 Cash Splash!

See a Poker Representative for more details and selected games for each week.


Sycuan Poker’s “Football Fever” Jackpot Bonus September 8, 2022 – January 8, 2023 Official Rules

1. Players must be 21 years of age or older to participate in this jackpot bonus
2. Players may participate in Poker’s “Football Fever” jackpot bonus by actively playing in any jackpot eligible Poker game.
3. Poker’s “Football Fever” jackpot bonus will run each week during the National Football League’s
(NFL) regular season schedule on:
a. one (1) selected Thursday night game
b. one (1) selected 1:25pm Sunday afternoon game
c. one (1) selected Sunday night game
d. one (1) selected Monday night game
e. one (1) selected Saturday December 17th afternoon game
f. one (1) selected Saturday December 17th night game
g. one (1) selected Saturday, December 24th afternoon game
h. one (1) selected Saturday, December 24th night game
4. A “cash splash” is money added to the main pot by the house before a hand begins.
5. $50.00 cash splashes will be awarded under the following circumstances:
a. Three (3) cash splashes will be given away for every Field Goal
b. Seven (7) cash splashes will be given away for every Touch Down
c. All jackpot eligible tables will receive a cash splash for a Safety
6. At the Poker Manager’s discretion, selected games outlined in Rule 3 may be switched or scheduled to run outside of the aforementioned specified parameters to accommodate for certain circumstances including but not limited to the following:
b. c. d.
7. In the some
The NFL making minor or major modifications, adjustments to the regular season schedule
Game cancellations
Untelevised games
In the event of a Football game occurring during Poker’s regularly scheduled Promotion jackpot bonus will be postponed until immediately after the conclusion of the last football game of that day.
event of technical difficulties, the bonus will run only if regular updates can be obtained by other method at the Poker Manager’s discretion.
8. Qualifying tables will be drawn by computer program after each score is confirmed.
9. In the event of computer malfunction, or lack of computer access, cards or plaques (or other available devised designated by Sycuan Poker Management) clearly denoted with the Table numbers (and/or seat numbers) of eligible tables will be drawn by a Sycuan Poker Room representative.
10. A new game will not be considered eligible unless the first hand is dealt before the drawing takes place.
S:\@Marketing\MAIN Promotion Documents\Poker\2022\Football Fever\2022 Poker Football Fever_Official Rules_APPROVED.docx

Sycuan Poker’s “Football Fever” Jackpot Bonus September 8, 2022 – January 8, 2023 Official Rules
11. In the event that the number of qualifying tables equals the number of cash splashes, each table will receive a cash splash.
12. When the number of cash splashes exceeds the number of qualifying tables, each table will receive a cash splash, and tables will be drawn for the remaining cash splashes.
13. If any table receives multiple cash splashes, the cash splash will be added to different, successive hands played.
14. A new player being seated in a game must have been dealt in before the time of the drawing to be eligible to win any cash splashes.
15. A player must be jackpot eligible at the time of the drawing to be eligible to win a cash splash.
16. Ineligible players will not be dealt into the cash splash hand.
17. If an ineligible players wins the pot or a portion thereof, the cash splash or portion will carry over to the next hand.
18. In the event of a Poker Jackpot, the player with the winning hand will receive their jackpot share in addition to Poker’s “Football Fever” jackpot bonus prize.
19. Players may win multiple times per the course of this bonus.
20. Jackpot bonus and promotional payouts will be paid from a Chip Runner’s Imprest Bank, as outlined in Policy and Procedure Chip Runner Imprest Bank ID: 333.
21. Any Jackpot Bonus or Promotional money of $200.00 or less, won in hand-related play, will be added to the player’s stack at the table.
22. Barred or excluded individuals are not eligible for FREEplay offers, promotions or jackpot winnings.
23. All winners agree to allow Sycuan Casino Resort to use their image and likeness for any future marketing and promotional purposes without further compensation to the winner.
24. Participation in this promotion constitutes agreement to the above rules of the giveaway.
25. Sycuan Management has the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without advance notice.



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