Sycuan Recognized as Elderhelp’s 2021 Corporate Partner

April 20, 2021

Video: ElderHelp volunteer and Sycuan Team Member Mary Meier shares the rich culture of Sycuan, recognized as 2021 Essence of Life Corporate Partner.

Each year ElderHelp honors a corporate partner whose philanthropic commitment and culture of social responsibility enriches the lives of all within the community.

For the rich tradition of respect for elders and support for employee engagement, the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation was recognized as ElderHelp’s 2021 Corporate Partner at their annual Essence of Life Awards & Charity Auction.

“For over 20 years, Sycuan has offered not only financial support, but also in-kind donations like rolling travel bags for seniors or water bottles at our volunteer events. The giving culture permeates the organization and inspires employees to contribute as volunteers,” Said ElderHelp Board President Nikki Ostrem.

About Elderhelp of San Diego

For over 46 years, ElderHelp has advocated for San Diego’s senior population, believing that helping seniors age with dignity in their homes creates a stronger more vibrant community for citizens of all ages.

Today, ElderHelp is an integral part of the spectrum of government, health care, and community based providers focused on providing long-term solutions for seniors struggling to navigate complex challenges. We’re one of the only agencies solely focused on providing quality services and programs to help seniors age successfully in their own homes.

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